Fill your venue with that delicious buttery smell

That brings back childhood memories of funfairs and trips to the movies!

Popcorn is one of the most popular snacks across the world today. No cinemas run today without popcorn outlets. It is not only a popular snack for movies or shows, but it can also be offered during school functions, special parties and corporate events where there are lots of people, especially when kids are invited. Offer it free to anyone and you’ll grow that audience beyond your wildest expectations. Savory and satisfying, it’s great for family parties and weddings too, making a perfect mid-evening snack when you’re all done with buffet food and cake, but still have the munchies. Every popcorn machine hire comes with enough ingredients and bags to create over 100 portions. We supply a member of staff to cook your corn and serve your guests for you, leaving you free to enjoy your evening.

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